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Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Pesticide volatilisation model registration

This is a user-friendly version of our model for predicting the volatilisation of pesticides from agricultural soils. This model has been described in detail in the following publication: Davie-Martin, C.L., Hageman, K.J, Chin, Y.P. An improved screening tool for predicting volatilization of pesticides applied to soils (2013). Environmental Science and Technology, 47, 868-876.

NOTE: In February 2016, we updated the user interface to include a new, more robust equation for predictions of pesticide Ksoil-air values, whose derivation is described in the following publication: Influence of temperature, relative humidity, and soil properties on the soil-air partitioning of semivolatile pesticides: Laboratory measurements and predictive models (2015). Davie-Martin, L., Hageman, K.J., Chin, Y.-P., Rougé, Fujita, Y. Environmental Science and Technology 49, 10431-10439.

If you would like access to the model version that uses the original equation for predicting Ksoil-air, contact Kimberly Hageman by e-mail.

Access is free, although you will be asked to provide your name and institution.

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