January 2017:

Working group members Simon Clegg, Andrew Dickson, and Heather Benway have been awarded funding for a 3 year project "A Thermodynamic Chemical Speciation Model for the Oceans, Seas, and Estuaries". This project, supported by Natural Environment Research Council of the UK and the National Science Foundation (USA), will help achieve several of the goals of the Working Group. The initial focus of the project will be measurements and modelling the properties of the buffers that are used to calibrate measurements of the pH of seawater.

Experiments will be carried out at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (by Andrew Dickson) and model development at the University of East Anglia (by Simon Clegg). We are very grateful for the involvement of scientists at the national metrological institutes of Germany (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, at Braunschweig), France (Laboratoire national de metrologie et d'essais, Paris), Japan (National Metrological Institute of Japan), and the Helmholtz Institute of Ocean Research Kiel. (Eric Achterberg at Kiel is a Working Group member.) Scientists at these institutions will be making substantial contributions to the project by measuring the properties of aqueous solutions of the components of the pH buffer and of seawater, which are important for the development of the speciation model.

June 2016:

The thermodynamic data upon which Pitzer chemical speciation models are based remain incomplete for some major and minor components of seawater, especially at temperatures other than 25 oC. Here we make recommendations for new measurements of thermodynamic properties, in order of their importance for the calculation of pH and calcite or aragonite saturation.

May 2016:

Submission of manuscript to Frontiers in Marine Science, Specialty section: Biogeochemistry, entitled 'Towards a quality-controlled and accessible Pitzer model for seawater and related systems by David Turner, Eric P. Achterberg, Chen-tung A. Chen, Simon Clegg, Vanessa Hatje, Maria Maldonado, Sylvia G. Sander, Constant M. van den Berg, Mona Wells.