Dr. Scott Cameron

Current position: Postdoc (January 2014 - present) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Previous position: Research Scientist with Callaghan Innovation (was known as Industrial Research Ltd), Lower Hutt (August 2012-December 2013)

PhD: at the University of Otago with Professor Sally Brooker (2008-2012)

BSc(Hons): at the University of Otago with Professor Sally Brooker (2007) at the University of Otago with Professor Sally Brooker (2007)

Scott Cameron

I joined Sally’s group as a mere summer student, eager to get some more practical experience in the lab. The natural progression was for me to complete my honours degree and subsequent PhD under her guidance. I have many fond memories of this time and made many good friends. The environment in the chemistry department was excellent and there were many resources and experts available to help me throughout my studies. Perhaps the most valuable technique I learnt during my time in Sally’s lab was small molecule X-ray crystallography. Through Sally’s expert supervision and tuition I obtained a firm grasp on this technique. I am very grateful for Sally’s enthusiasm and for her confidence in me throughout my Hons and PhD studies in her group.

The combination of ligand synthesis and X-ray crystallography allowed me to foray into the more hard-core organic environment of a well-known carbohydrate chemistry group (in Lower Hutt) under the leadership of Prof. Richard Furneaux. After a 1˝ years there, I moved to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, where I am currently located. However, this has involved me transitioning to the new field of biochemistry. Under the supervision of Prof. Vern Schramm, I have learnt about protein (over)expression and purification, the associated kinetics and inhibition assays and (surprise, surprise) the crystallisation of proteins and solving of (generally inhibitor-bound) protein crystal structures. My chemistry background has also allowed me to chemically synthesize (isotopically labelled) substrates for the enzymes in my current project. As you can see, doing a PhD has opened many doors for me.

As mentioned above, I recall my time in Dunedin with fondness. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the country-side. There is some fantastic scenery to see in the South Island, and more generally New Zealand. Even in and around Dunedin there are some amazing views, especially of the Milky Way! Dunedin also has some great dining establishments and the local craft beers are magnificent. And you never know, you might end up finding someone to marry, as I did!