Dr Wolfgang Mohr

Current position:Group Leader Formulation and Analytical Development, R&D Department, LOSAN Pharma GmbH Neuenburg, Germany (www.losan-pharma.de/en)

Previous job title: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Otago (2003)

PhD: with Professor John A.Gladysz at the University of Erlangen, Germany (2000-2002)

Wolfgang and Friend  

Wolfgang: camping in NZ in 2003 (left), and at work in Germany in 2015 (right).

I spent one year in Sally's group as a postdoctoral fellow from January to December 2003 doing research on luminescent lanthanide complexes. The department is very well-equipped and enables quick and efficient work. Sally, her colleagues, and all team members of Brooker's Bunch were very interested and supportive and two publications arose from that time. There is a tearoom, where everybody meets in the morning having fresh scones and I'm still trying to establish that as an official ISO standard in the German pharmaceutical industry.

Dunedin is a beauty. With its cosy atmosphere, friendly people and the stunning surroundings it provides a high quality of living. Trips to Otago Peninsula with its penguins, the Catlins, Mount Cook or Wanaka (just to name a few) are a must and can easily be done on the weekends.

Dunedin in winter, however, is also "character building" (to quote a native) – not because its particularly cold (daytime maximum temperatures of 5 to 15C usually), but because many houses were not well insulated (like mine!) thanks to the hangover of colonial days and attitudes of survival of the fittest… Sally tells me that a decade on, the quality of insulation and of heating has improved a lot, so one can be warm in winter now, phew!