Dr. Yanhua LanDr. Yanhua Lan, MSc, PhD (2004)

Current Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Employer: Professor Annie K. Powell, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
PhD: with Assoc. Prof. Sally Brooker, University of Otago, New Zealand (2001-2004)

I embarked on my PhD project with Sally in 2001. Since my daughter Aileen Yuwen was born before I started the project, it was both a challenge and a great joy to study full-time and to be a mother. With the help of our parents in China and my sister-in-law Jing, as well as the support of my friends in the local community, I was able to concentrate on, carry on and complete my studies.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Sally in her robust research team. I am also grateful for her assistance in securing this postdoctoral position with her collaborator Professor Annie Powell. The knowledge and experience I gained during my study at Otago is helpful for my present work in Karlsruhe, particularly those in time management, presentation organisation and analysis of research results.

I miss Brooker’s Bunch as it has a lot of my memories. There were very interesting group presentations, inspiring discussions with Sally and group members after seminars, and many days of hard work in the laboratories in which radio music was on and some large plants grew silently that I seldom noticed. Also there were cosy barbecues at Sally’s house and exciting group lunches in downtown Dunedin.

I do miss Dunedin, a lovely and pleasant city, where I stayed for several years. The South Island is so beautiful that we spent our last two Christmas holidays there. I am fascinated by New Zealand: “the hometown of the long white clouds”, a country with magnificent scenery and a unique culture.

Contact details:
Dr. Yanhua Lan [ynhlan@hotmail.com]