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Janna EwingJanna Ewing, BSc(Hons) (2000)

Currently: Tutoring and further study
Previously: Secondary school teaching at St. Hilda’s Collegiate and John McGlashan College (2003-2004); Teacher training (2002); Research Assistant (2001) and BSc(Hons) project (2000) with Associate Professor Sally Brooker.

Hi, I’m Janna Ewing and I completed my BSc (Hons) in Chemistry under the supervision of Sally Brooker in 2000, at Otago. I continued on for another year in the Brooker’s Bunch, working as a research assistant, where I very much appreciated the guidance and encouragement of working in a team environment with Sally.

I then decided to embark on a career as a Chemistry teacher by studying for the one year Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching at the Dunedin College of Education. And have since taught at St. Hilda’s Collegiate and John McGlashan College in Dunedin. I enjoyed the variety that teaching provided and the challenge of inspiring youth to be interested in the world of Science. If you are passionate about your subject, enjoy working with teenagers and are prepared to work hard, then I recommend teaching as a career. Currently, I am doing further study and working as a tutor part-time.

Professor Sally Brooker
Department of Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand
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