University of Otago, New Zealand


Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Gordon Group Researchers

Cushla McGoverin
Raman spectroscopy based chemometric analysis of complex mixtures

Cushla graduated in 2009 and is a postdoc at the University of Stellenbosch South Africa.

Raman spectroscopy is the latest vibrational spectroscopy to gain favor with analytical chemists. The key advantages of Raman spectroscopy are the fact little to no sample preparation is required and it is insensitive to sample humidity. For these reasons, Raman spectroscopy is being investigated as a tool in the quality assessment of dairy products. With respect to New Zealand industry, dairy products represent 20% of total exports. Any improvements to the robustness or efficiency of quality controls would prove economically significant. A methodology to rapidly characterise bulk properties, vitamin composition and protein content within these products using Raman spectroscopy is currently being developed.