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Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Supramolecular and Polymer group

The group's research covers a wide variety of material and supramolecular chemistry. We welcome inquiries about our work and potential positions within our group. Contact Stephen Moratti (


We are pleased to announce the sale of the license for ENT-applications of our medical gels to Medtronic Inc (USA). This is a great coup for the group and the University. Other applications of the gel are still being developed . The gel has shown tremendous benefit in surgery.

We have just patented our actuating gel technology. It was first publicized at AMN5 in Wellington (February 2011), and further work will be detailed in Shenzhen (Smart-Nano 2011)

Manal Aziz has been chosen to give a special poster presentation at Biohydrogels (Florence 2011)

Daniel Hutchinson won the Chem Commun. poster prize at Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (Brighton 2011) (below right)

Daniel Hutchensen Chem Commun. poster prize

SCM & LRH Research Group