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Department of Chemistry
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Assoc. Prof. Barrie M. Peake

Environmental Chemistry

Room 1c4, Science II
Tel: +64-3-4797927
Fax: +64-3-4797906

Assoc. Prof. Barrie Peake's research interests include:

Totaranui, Abel Tasman National Park linac Barrie at the controls The leith FIA peroxide instrumentation
  1. Production and reaction of free radicals in the environment.

    Free radicals are produced in the environment by a variety of processes but particularly by solar irradiation of natural waters. Projects in this area include:

    1. Factors influencing the solar production in natural waters of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as the superoxide ion (O2-), hydroxyl radical (·OH) and singlet oxygen (1O2) and the mechanism(s) for their decay .
    2. The use of free radicals such as the hydroxyl radical (·OH) and solvated electron (eaq-) to degrade organic pollutants in the environment (with Prof. W. Cooper, University of California, Irvine, USA).
  2. Chemical structure of natural organic matter in aquatic systems

    The chemical structures of the many components making up natural organic matter (NOM) are still largely unknown. This project will involve the isolation of NOM from water samples collected from a range of aquatic sites in Southern NZ and then a study of their structures using IR Spectroscopy (with Prof J McQuillan), ultrahigh resolution Fourier transform ion cyclotron mass spectrometry (with Prof. W. Cooper, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA), and molecular orbital calculations.

  3. Occurrence and treatment of pharmaceutical compounds in waste water

    This project would involve the determination of the typical levels of these compounds in New Zealand waters and a study of advanced oxidation processes using free radicals such as .OH to degrade them (with Dr Kim Hageman and Dr Rhia Braund , OU School of Pharmacy).

Current Graduate Students
  • NOTE : I am no longer taking accepting supervision of any new MSc or PhD Students.
  • Noelia Diaz-Perez (PhD)

    Biochemistry of cadmium binding in the NZ dredge oyster

  • Paul McNabb (PhD)

    Analytical determination of marine toxins

  • Alfred Tong (PhD)

    Pharmaceuticals in the NZ Environment

Recent Graduates
  • Victor Cubillos (PhD)

    Effects of ultraviolet radiation on intertidal organisms

  • Vida Rowhani (MSc)

    Environmental audit of Cadburys Confectionery Limited (Dunedin)

  • Steve Rusak (PhD)

    Temporal variations and ecological effects of hydrogen peroxide in seawater

  • Alfred Tong

    Direct UV photolysis of aspirin, diclofenac and oseltamivir in solution

  • Shailini Ashoka (PhD)

    Trace metal distribution in ling (Genypterus blacodes) for provenance identification.

  • Hugh Davies (MSc)

    pH remediation within Mangatini Stream, West Coast, NZ

  • Amir Hamidian(PhD)

    Cd in the marine environment

  • Michael Gonsior (PhD)

    CDOM characterization and photochemical properties.

  • Jon Nielsen (MSc)

    Trace metals on Otago Harbour sediments.

  • Reid Forrest (MSc)

    Physiochemical aspects of the Motueka River plume.

  • Patila Amosa (MSc)

    Chemistry of Samoa rain.

  • Tim Mulliner (MSc)

    Geochemistry of Southland Coal Pit-Lakes

  • Uundine Reimer (MSc)

    Photoprotective compounds in NZ Krill (Nyctiphanes australis)

  • Luc Richard (MSc)

    Hydrogen peroxide dynamics in a freshwater system.

  • Amy Weaver (MSc)

    Sub-lethal effects of cadmium on the New Zealand dredge oyster (Tiostrea chiliensis) reproduction and growth.

  • Matt Enright (MSc)

    Tidal exchange of Papanui inlet.

  • Rebecca Stevenson (MSc)

    A study of the chemical composition of the shell of Perna canliculus (Molusca: bivalvia: Mytilidae) and its possible uses as an environmental product. Abstract...

  • Greg Larkin (MSc)

    Hypoxia :dynamics, causes and biological impacts in Kaikorai Estuary, Dunedin

  • Tom Heller (MSc)

    Modeling of flow characteristics of the Lower Waitaki River

  • Ruth Arkless (MSc)

    Cadmium and zinc in Greenshell® mussels, Perna canaliculus, from Pelorus Sound, Marlborough, New Zealand. Abstract...

  • Orabile Mogobe (MSc)

    Physico-chemical Interactions of domoic acid with Trace Metals in Seawater

  • Joseph Hughes (MSc)

    Environmental evaluation of Cypress mine proposed overburden, West Coast, New Zealand

  • Steve Rusak (MSc)

    Hydrogen peroxide in natural aquatic systems Abstract...

  • Chris Kensington (MSc)

    Nitrogen speciation in Taieri Plain ground waters Abstract...

  • Jeff Brown(PhD)

    Partitioning of chemical contaminants in urban stormwater Abstract...  Photos...

  • Rudra Dhungana (MSc)

    Nitrogen species in the Leith Catchment, Dunedin. Abstract...

  • Jose Hoedemaker (MSc)

    Cadmium and zinc interaction with domoic acid

  • Jessica North (MSc)

    Landfill leachate monitoring: application of stable isotopes, Otago

  • Sam Eccles (MSc)

    Manipulation of cadmium levels in the Bluff Oyster (Tiostrea chilensis)

  • Daniel Moore (MSc)

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon toxicity in the Upper Otago Harbour Basin

  • Jolene Key (MSc)

    Nutrient levels in Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island

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International collaborations include
  • USA, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Rutgers University, New York.

    Chemical studies of DOC in Fiordland (2006 - )

  • USA, University of California, Irvine.

    Urban Water Research Centre and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, chemical studies of hydrogen peroxide and dissolved organic matter (2006 - )

  • USA, Florida State University at Talahassee, Departments of Oceanography and Chemistry

    Structural studies of dissolved organic matter (2005 - )

Recent publications
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  3. Santoke, H., Song, W., Cooper, W.J. & Peake, B. M. Advanced oxidation treatment and photochemical fate of selected antidepressant pharmaceuticals in solutions of Suwannee River humic acid. Journal of Hazardous Materials (2012) 217-218:382-90.
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