Dr Anna L. Garden

Computational Heterogeneous Catalysis
University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand


Courses taught at the University of Otago by Anna and group.

CHEM191 The chemical basis of biology and human health
CHEM201 Physical and environmental chemistry
CHEM301 Physical chemistry
CHEM400 A practical introduction to computational chemistry


The Department of Chemistry runs a busy outreach programme, which provides hands-on chemical education to school children locally in Otago and within New Zealand. The programme is run by Dr. Dave Warren and assisted by enthusiastic graduate students. All graduate students in the Garden group have the opportunity to help out with outreach activities. Completion of 40 hours of outreach earns a Division of Sciences Outreach Certificate.

Dr. Dave McMorran at the Department of Chemistry runs a weekly radio show called Science Notes at Otago, which is broadcast on Otago Access Radio. Dave interviews graduate students on their research projects as well as allowing them to share some of their favourite music. All graduate students in the Garden group are encouraged to share their research on Dave's show.