Dr Anna L. Garden

Computational Heterogeneous Catalysis
University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand


Some of the main news stories from members of the Garden Group.

Marsden Grant: New nanotechnology to clean up waterways (2016)

NH3 Mech

The application of nitrogenous fertilizers to New Zealand soils in the past has lead to the polution of many waterways with nitrate. The presence of Nitrate promotes algal blooms, which can lead to depletion of the oxygen in the water.

Anna Garden has recently received a Marsden Fast-Start grant to examine how nanoparticle catalysts can be used to convert nitrate to oxygen and nitrogen gas (the two main gasses in the atmosphere). In collaboration with Associate Professor Egill Sk├║lason from the University of Iceland, Anna plans to develop a screening technique to eliminate nanoparticles that are not catalytically active. Eventually, it should be possible to identify the optimum nanoparticles for quick and safe removal of nitrate from waters.