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PhD Scholarship - Spectroscopy of primary produce


The Dodd-Walls Centre is a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence with world-class researchers working in the areas of Photonics and Quantum Physics. It draws on pioneering research in Quantum Optics lead by Professor Dan Walls along with more recent activities in nonlinear optics, sensing, the control and manipulation of single atoms and Bose Einstein condensates. A key outcome for the Centre is commercialisation of new technology.

The Centre will be launched in January 2015, and we are looking for exceptionally strong researchers to join us. We have 10 postdoctoral fellowships and 15 fully funded PhD positions (scholarship and fees) available starting in 2015.

There is an opportunity for PhD research in the following area:

Spectroscopy of primary produce.  

Use a range of spectroscopic techniques with NZ industry and other end users to deliver rapid and accurate data on analytical problems.  Particular focus on parameterization of analytical methods to establish most effective and rule out ineffective techniques.  

This project will use a suite of vibrational spectroscopic techniques to examine their potential in the analysis of field data sets from NZ primary industries. The industries include: dairy, meat, fruit and wood industries.  Data analysis will utilize multivariate techniques to determine if these methods are viable in understanding the analytical needs of the respective industries.

Contact: Prof. Keith Gordon, University of Otago,