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CHEM150 - Concepts in Chemistry


CHEM150 is an 18-point course available in Summer School

This course is designed for students with limited chemistry backgrounds, and provides students with the necessary theory and practical skills to successfully continue into first-year chemistry courses such as CHEM191. This course is also useful for students in other science disciplines who need to improve their chemistry knowledge. CHEM150 will count towards any degree which allows a science paper to be credited to it.

The course is six weeks long.

The full-time nature of the last two weeks of the course means that students will not be able to enrol for other Summer School papers if they are doing CHEM150.



  1. Students who have achieved 14 credits of NCEA level 2 chemistry or more, or any credits of NCEA level 3 chemistry (or their equivalents) will need Head of Department approval to enrol in the course. Such students should complete this form and send it to the chemistry department for our consideration.
  2. CHEM150 cannot be taken if CHEM191 or CHEM111 has been passed previously.


Online Assignments (4 x 2 hours, one per week) 40% 
Laboratory Exit Tests (1 per laboratory) 20%
Final examination (2 hours) 40%

Expectations at the completion of the course

An understanding of the role that chemistry plays in a range of sciences.

An understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry, including stoichiometry, equilibria and acid base chemistry, redox, energetics and organic reactivity.

The development of basic practical laboratory skills.

The development of a self-motivated approach to learning.

Graduate Attributes

Interdisciplinary perspective, lifelong learning, communication


Recommended: Foundations of College Chemistry 14th Edition, Hein and Arena, Wiley, 2012

Teaching Staff

Dr David A. McMorran


Via eVision (see below)


If you are planning on enrolling for the Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) course, and wish to do the CHEM150 paper before this, then when you enrol on eVision (the University online enrolment system) you will need to choose TWO PROGRAMMES of study.

You will need to apply for the HSFY course and also for the COP (Certificate of Proficiency) programme. Make sure you apply for the 2018 option and that you indicate that your starting semester will be Summer School.

Once you have applied for the programmes you can use Online Paper Selection (available through eVision) to add CHEM150 to your course of study. The seven papers that you are required to take for Health Sciences First Year will automatically appear in Online Paper Selection, all you need to do is add CHEM150 and submit the selection.

As NCEA results will not have been released by the time Summer School begins, you may need to provide further information to support your application for admission to the University.

You will be advised if this is the case once your application has been processed.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the University Information Centre.


Accommodation is NOT included in the course fee. If you require accommodation for the on campus component of this course please contact University College:

Summer School accommodation

Chris Addington - Master
Ph: (03) 479-5580
Fax: (03) 479-5586



Course Coordinator

Dr David A. McMorran
Dr David A. McMorran
Tel: +64  3  479 7934
Location: Science II, Gc2