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CHEM305 - Biological Chemistry


CHEM 305 Biological Chemistry is an 18-point paper available in the first semester.

This course focuses on how the concepts and techniques from various fields of chemistry may be applied to interpret chemical transformations in biological systems and to determine the structure of biomolecules.  The paper will evaluate frontiers in biological chemistry by identifying the underlying fundamental concepts of molecular transformation and structure. It is a course for chemistry majors wishing to proceed to a career that involves biological chemistry and also for all general degree students requiring knowledge and understanding of biological chemistry.

Lecture Course: 32 lectures

 Amino Acids and Peptides


Spectroscopy of Biological Systems


Lecture times 

Semester 1   Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:00 am

Laboratory Course: 11 days scheduled

There will be four laboratory assignments. The first assignment takes one day; subsequent experiments involve two-day laboratories. Laboratory assignments will be assessed on the basis of a written report and laboratory performance.

Prerequisite papers

18 points of 200-level CHEM papers, but CHEM 205 is recommended.

Laboratory time and venue

Semester 1  Monday or Wednesday at 2.00 pm (Chemistry Labs, second floor, Science I)

Expectations at the completion of the course

Graduate Attributes

Interdisciplinary perspective

Critical thinking


Final two hour examination 60%
Laboratory and project assessment 40%

Reference texts

Jones, J.  Amino acid and peptide synthesis, Oxford University Press
Bruice, P.Y.  Organic Chemistry, (4th edn), Prentice-Hall
Fersht, A.  Enzyme structure and mechanism, Freeman

Teaching Staff

Dr. E.W.Tan

Dr. Alan R. Hayman

Dr. Guy N. L. Jameson

Assoc. Prof. Steve Moratti

Course Coordinator

Dr Alan R. Hayman
Dr Alan R. Hayman
Tel: +64  3  479 7923
Location: Science II, 4n9