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CHEM302 - Organic Chemistry


CHEM 302 Organic Chemistry is an 18-point paper available in the second semester.

It focuses on how the concepts and techniques of organic chemistry may be applied to interpret chemical reactions and to plan chemical transformations.  The principles involved apply equally to reactions performed in the laboratory and to those proceeding in living systems.  It is an essential course for chemistry majors wishing to proceed to a career that involves organic chemistry, and for all general degree students requiring knowledge and understanding of the organic chemistry to underpin their major subject.  Chemical knowledge and practical experimental ability in organic chemistry to the level of CHEM 202 is recommended for entry into this course.

The topics covered in CHEM 302 are:

There are three lectures and one four-hour laboratory class each week.

Prerequisite papers

18 points of 200-level CHEM papers, but CHEM 202 is highly recommended.

Lecture times and venues

Semester 2   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12.00 noon 

Selected lecture material is available here.


Semester 2   Tuesday or Wednesday at 2.00 pm (Chemistry Labs, second floor, Science I)

The laboratory course will involve three sets of experiments over the course of 11 practical sessions. 

Expectations at the completion of the course

Graduate Attributes

Interdisciplinary perspective, self-motivation, lifelong learning, communication


Three-hour written examination 70%
Laboratory assessment 30%


Bruice, P.Y.  Organic Chemistry, (4th edn), Prentice-Hall
March, J.  Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure , (4th or 5th edn), Wiley

Teaching Staff

Prof David Larsen, Associate Professor James Crowley, Dr Eng Tan, Dr Bill Hawkins

Course Coordinator

Professor David S. Larsen
Professor David S. Larsen
Tel: +64  3  479 7816
Location: Science II, 2n11