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CHEM301 - Physical Chemistry


CHEM 301 Physical Chemistry is an 18-point paper available in the first semester.

It focuses on how the fundamental analysis of physical chemistry is applied to gain an understanding of the interrelationships among and functions of chemical systems.  It is designed to provide a mastery of the quantitative analysis of varied chemical systems and an understanding of the physical aspects of chemical systems.  The course is intended for BSc and BSc(Hons) students majoring in chemistry and non-majors with an interest in physical processes.

The topics covered in CHEM 301 are:

There are three lectures and one four-hour laboratory class each week.

Prerequisite papers

18 points of 200-level CHEM papers, but CHEM 201 is highly recommended.

Lecture times 

Semester 1   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 am 


Semester 1   Tuesday at 2.00 pm (Chemistry Labs, second floor, Science I)

During the semester, students complete a series of experiments.  Periods of laboratory time are set aside for discussion of write-ups and consultation with lecturing staff.  Laboratory experiments relate closely to the lecture course.

The objectives of the laboratory course are:

Expectations at the completion of the course

Graduate attributes

Interdisciplinary perspective, self-motivation, lifelong learning, communication


Three-hour written examination 75%
Laboratory assessment 25%

Teaching Staff

Prof Keith Gordon

Dr Carla Meledandri

Dr Anna Garden


Atkins, P.W.  Physical Chemistry, (8th edn, or earlier), Oxford University Press.


Engel, T. and Reid P.J. Physical Chemistry, Benjamin Cummings

Course Coordinator

Dr Anna Garden
Dr Anna Garden
Tel: +64  3  479 7928
Location: Science II, Room 5n3