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CHEM203 - Main Group and Coordination Chemistry


CHEM 203 Main Group and Coordination Chemistry is an 18-point paper available in the second semester.

It focuses on how the concepts and techniques of chemical science can be used to gain an understanding of the synthesis, structure and reactivity of inorganic and organometallic molecules.

The topics covered in CHEM 203 are:

Shape, Symmetry and Structure (6 lectures)

The Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding: Chemistry of some main group elements including main group organometallic chemistry (12 lectures)

Chemistry of Coordination Compounds (12 lectures)

Chemistry of lanthanoids and their complexes (6 lectures)

Prerequisite papers

Either CHEM 111 or CHEM 191 (CHEM 112), but both papers are recommended. 

Lecture times and venues

Semester 2   Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11:00 am


Semester 2   Monday or Thursday or Friday at 2.00 pm (Chemistry Labs, second floor, Science I)

The laboratory course is designed to complement lecture material with an emphasis on synthetic, analytical and spectroscopic techniques.

The objectives of the laboratory course are:

Expectations at the completion of the course

All students will have acquired knowledge and understanding of the foundation concepts of inorganic chemistry. 

Graduate Attributes

Global perspective, interdisciplinary perspective, lifelong learning, scholarship, communication, critical thinking, environmental literacy, information literacy, self-motivation, teamwork


Two-hour written examination 70%
Laboratory assessment 30%


Housecroft and Sharpe, Inorganic Chemistry 4th edition

Teaching Staff

Professor Lyall R. Hanton

Professor Sally A. Brooker

Professor Keith C. Gordon

Associate Professor James D. Crowley

Dr David A. McMorran

Dr John McAdam

Course Coordinator

Associate Professor James D. Crowley
Associate Professor James D. Crowley
Tel: +64  3  479 7731
Location: Science II, 2n10