University of Otago, New Zealand


Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

2016 High School Chemistry Quiz

Tuesday 27 September 2016


This year’s High School Chemistry Quiz saw 31 teams from schools around Dunedin and from further afield. After the usual feed of pizza from Poppas, things got down to business with five rounds of questions of both a chemical nature as well as general knowledge. Teams also contributed Chemical Haiku for extra prizes.

After a tense tie breaker question the winning teams were as follows:

1st Place The Dandy Lions (Logan Park High School)
Grant McNaughton
Henry Gordon
David Spencer

2nd Place HCOONa Matata (Columba College)
Chloe Lai
Jenny Mi
Ophelia Yeung
Annabelle Richie

3rd Place Barry B. Benson (Logan Park High School)
Kate Denys
Erica Stedman
Maria Larsen
Katherine Woolrych

Winning Haiku

van der Waals forces
Attractive forces baby
I feel it tonight

Kool Chemistry Klub – (Kings High School)

Schrodinger was dumb
Did not think outside the box
Meow? Dead? Meow? Dead? Dead ?

HCOONa Matata – (Columba College)

Tripping on acid
I should have cleaned that all up
Neutralise with base

Arsole – (James Hargest College)

Our thanks as always to the generous support of Poppas Pizzas , the Otago University Bookshop, the Otago branch of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and the University of Otago.