University of Otago, New Zealand


Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Otago Chemist wins NZAS Medal

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Associate Professor Guy. N. L. Jameson was awarded the Beatrice Hill Tinsley Medal for outstanding fundamental or applied research within 15 years of a PhD by the New Zealand Association of Scientists on 8 September 2016. Dr Jameson is a gifted biophysical chemist who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of biophysical chemistry and materials science. He is interested in the chemistry of metalloproteins - proteins that contain metal atoms or clusters – and his research involves spectroscopic and kinetic investigations of iron-containing enzymes and compounds. Dr Jameson is a recognised expert in Mössbauer spectroscopy and has established the only low temperature Mössbauer instrument in New Zealand. This gives him the ability to apply spectroscopy to a wide range of materials from proteins through to nanoparticles and inorganic polymers from volcanic ash. One of his major aims is to understand the chemical basis of diseases, such as Parkinson’s and rheumatoid arthritis, through studying enzymes at the molecular level and how their malfunction contributes to the progression of disease.