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Assoc. Prof. James Crowley wins 2015 Organometallic Chemistry Award

Friday 13 May 2016

Assoc Prof James Crowley

Congratulations to James Crowley who has been announced the winner of the 2015 Organometallic Chemistry Award.

The 2015 Organometallic Chemistry Award, jointly awarded by the Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Divisions of the RACI.

The award is given to a financial member of the RACI or the NZIC, with less than 12 years of professional experience since completing their most recent relevant qualification, for contributions to the development of organometallic chemistry. The contribution will be for research work published, or accepted for publication, including patents and industrial reports. The work covers the period of ten years immediately preceding the award, with the major proportion being carried out in Australia or New Zealand. The award is for any area of organometallic chemistry encompassing synthesis, structure, catalysis, environmental, industrial materials, main group, transition metal and f-block chemistry.

James obtained his BSc (Hons) (1998) and MSc (2000) from Victoria University of Wellington and completed his PhD (2000–2005) at the University of Chicago under the direction of the incomparable Prof. Brice Bosnich, FRS. In 2005 he moved to Prof. David Leigh’s group at the University of Edinburgh, where he was awarded a British Ramsay Memorial Trust Fellowship (2006–2008) to carry out research on interlocked architectures and molecular machines. He started his independent career at the University of Otago in 2008. His research interests are focused on the application of coordination and organometallic complexes in biology, catalysis, self-assembly, molecular recognition and the development of molecular machines.