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Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Otago/Southland High School Chemistry Quiz 2012

Tuesday 30 October 2012

This year’s chemistry quiz was held slightly later than usual, on Tuesday October 23rd. As usual, it was held in the Hutton Theatre at the Otago Museum, where the excellent staff worked very hard to set up the room for 200+ students and staff. Despite the different time of year, 47 teams of Year 12 and 13 students, from 14 schools attended, from as far away as Invercargill, Winton and Wanaka, and a great night was had. Poppa’s Pizza provided MANY pizzas to kick things off and the University Bookshop provided prizes for the winning teams. Our thanks to all who helped support the evening.

For the first time, a tie-breaker question was needed to sort out the placings, but in the end a team called Andrew’s Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop, from Kings High School, won the quiz, with Hydrangea from Columba College placed second and Kings/Queens, a combined team with members from Kings high School and Queens High School placed third.

Andrew’s Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop



A couple of sample questions...

  1. Which letter of the alphabet does not appear in any of the chemical element symbols?
  2. Write a chemical equation for the reaction of vinegar with baking soda.
  3. Oct 23rd is ‘Canning Day’, celebrating this way of preserving food. Cans were invented by a Frenchman, Nicholas Appert, in 1795 for use by the French Military. While initially made of tin and iron, with lead solder, nowadays they are made of Aluminium. Why was this not used initially?


First Place: Andrew’s Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop (Kings High School)
Sam Paris
Fergus O’Leary
Lucian Funnell
Andrew Xie
Second Place: Hydrangea (Columba College)
Maple Goh
Catherine O’Donnell Jackaways
Grace Oh
Patience Chabra-Shoperai
Third Place: Kings/Queens (Kings/Queens High Schools)
Tessa Lunam
Nadia Burra
Sherman Sreedhar
Henry Stewart

Winning Chemistry Haiku

Do you really think
Chemists can create haikus
Out of thin O2

NaH BrO (from Mt Aspiring College)