University of Otago, New Zealand


Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Chemistry Prize Winners 2011

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Ten students studying at 100- to 400-level have been awarded prizes for achievements in chemistry in 2011.

The New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Prize for the top student in CHEM 111 was awarded to Max Wilkinson, while Kieran Bunn was awarded the Carter Prize for CHEM 191.

The F.G. Soper Prize for achievement in 200-level chemistry was awarded to Daniel Preston.

At 300-level, the Inglis Memorial Prize for the top BSc student majoring in chemistry was jointly awarded to Louise van der Salm and Ryan Schwamm.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Miller and Ilsa Cooke-Stewart were jointly awarded the H.N. Parton Prize for the best 300-level BSc(Hons) student majoring in chemistry and The New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Prize for the top student in physical or aquatic chemistry was awarded to Ross Hogue.

Hannah Stern was awarded the Joseph and Emma Mellor Prize for the leading student of 400-level chemistry and Christopher Larsen was awarded the P.K. Grant Prize for experimental skill and research methodology at 400 level.