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Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Interschool Chemistry Quiz Night 2009

Thursday 15 October 2009

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This year’s Interschool Chemistry Quiz was held on Thursday 15th October. 43 teams of Year 12 and 13 students, representing 12 schools from around Otago and Southland, competed for the ‘Bunsen Burner of Wisdom’ at the Hutton Theatre in the Otago Museum.

The quiz consisted of six rounds of questions, including a new round this year, which had the students answering questions about a series of chemical demonstrations. The annual Chemical Haiku round was also a highlight of the evening. When the dust, and pizza crusts, settled a team from Otago Boys High School, called Au, were declared the winners, with Can’t be Arsenict, from Queens High School coming second and Team Kaitlin, from Logan Park High School coming third.

Our thanks once again to Poppas Pizzas, the University Book Shop Dunedin, The Otago Museum, the Otago branch of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and the University of Otago for their continuing support of this event, as well as to the students and staff of the Chemistry department for their work on the evening. And, of course, our thanks to the students and staff who make this such a great event.

Winning Teams

1st) Au - Otago Boys High School
Michael Everett
Sehan de Silva
Hayden Robinson
Nick Wyatt
2nd) Can’t be Arsenict - Queens High School
Anne Gordon
Amber Hosking
Jordan Lloyd
Lucia Ji
3rd) Team Kaitlin - Logan Park High School
Kaitlin Bull
Caitlin Miller
Sam Morris
Sam Fleury

Winning Haiku’s

Like flame from a match
So are the days of our lives
Science, love and heat

Team Vuli

Death by arsenic
Horrid painful wont be quick
Husbands watch your toast

Can’t be Arsenict

Acid in my blood
Alcohol I love to drink
‘Ester’ I become

The Distillators