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Chemistry Quiz Night 2008

Saturday 27 September 2008

 Chemistry Quiz

Another highly successful quiz night was held on Thursday 25th September. Once again the quiz was held in the Hutton Theatre at the Otago Museum and once again teams from almost every school in Dunedin and a number from Otago and Southland came along to fill it up. 50 teams competed for the coveted ‘Bunsen Burner of Wisdom’ and this year it was won by a team called So-di-um come here often? from Kavanagh College.

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After a tense tie breaker between four teams, Bunsens on Fire from Otago Girls High School, got second and The Oxidising Agent Squad, also from Kavanagh College, came third. A number of teams who had competed in 2007 returned for this year’s quiz, (including last year’s winners, Phantorium) which was great to see.

Thanks to a new sponsor this year, Silicon Graphics Inc., a number of prizes were awarded for the Chemical Haiku’s.

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Our loyal sponsors

This year’s winners are listed below. A excellent night was had by all. My thanks as always to the staff and students of the Chemistry Department, who came along and helped out on the night, and to our loyal sponsors.

chem quizWinning Teams

1st) So-di-um come here often - Kavanagh College
Matt Clark
Steven Hindle
John Holmes
Shoryl Rodrigues
2nd) Bunsens on Fire - Otago Girls High School
Kate Hunter
Steph Green
Sarah Fieldwick
Rosamund Johnston
3rd) The Oxidising Agent Squad - Kavanagh College
Meaghan Kelly
Morgan Lieshout
Matthew Schep
Stephen Zhu


Winning Haiku’s

You reduce me to
My aqueous state.
Let’s try Covalent bonding

The Chemical Brothers - Otago Girls High School

Big mean melamine
Causing all those kidney stones
Fonterra’s nightare

Chemists gone wild - Blue Mountain College

Why does chemistry
have one thousand rules
but not one I use

G.A.L.A. - Columba College

I have an idea!
Renewable energy!
Burn Science Teachers!

Makala Dolphins - Logan Park High School

Chemical Rapping
With my dead chemistry idol
IUPAC Shakur

The Non-polar Bears - Taieri College

chem quiz

Chemistr quiz poster