University of Otago, New Zealand


Te Tari Hua-Ruanuku

Chemistry Quiz Night 2007

Thursday 20 September 2007


Another fantastic evening of Chemistry Quizzing was held on Thursday, September 20th, for about 210 high school students from Dunedin, Balclutha, Gore, Invercargill and Queenstown. After five rounds of questions, the winners were a team called Phantorium from Logan Park High School, closely followed by We are better than you from Kavanagh College and The TM Team from Taieri College.

The winners of the ever-popular Chemical Haiku competition were a team called hey hey ho ho we love bio from James Hargest High School. Their Haiku, along with the other prize-winners, are below. This year we were also able to give away some old-but-working pH meters to some of the participating schools. All in all a great night, thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and the large number of teachers who were there.

As always, my grateful thanks to the students and staff who helped out on the night, as well as the sponsors – UBS, Poppas Pizzas, Otago Museum, the local branch of the NZIC and the Chemistry Department.

The winners were:

1st) Phantorium (Logan Park High School)
Vaughan Weatherall
Edward Law
Thomas Adams
Sam Paulin
2nd) We are better than you (Kavanagh College)
Mark Murray
Marina Roxburgh
Matt Toomey
Jo Duffy
3rd)The TM Team (Taieri College)
Ross Haines
Morgan Pickford
Tom Bekkers
Tzu-Yang Chen


The winning Haikus:

Zinc meets gold in bar
Zinc’s wife springs ‘em in the act
Zinc: A u, get off!
Hey hey ho ho we love bio (James Hargest College)

Gripping the nation, Oh no
Its ammonia!
Crystal Clear Domination Part II (St Hilda’s Collegiate)

Silver and shiny
The slippery mercury
Slithers round like silk
Kapow (Columba College)

Stained brown hands, you may
Think I haven’t washed in weeks,
Silver Nitrate – whoops!
Bulshy Burettes (Blue Mountain College)