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Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  1. Individual and combined effects of fine sediment and glyphosate herbicide on invertebrate drift and insect emergence: a stream mesocosm experiment. (In Press) Magbanua, F.S., Townsend, C.R., Hageman, K.J., Piggott, J.J., Matthaei, C.D. Freshwater Science.
  2. Influence of temperature, relative humidity, and soil properties on the soil-air partitioning of semivolatile pesticides: Laboratory measurements and predictive models (2015). Davie-Martin, L., Hageman, K.J., Chin, Y.-P., Rougé, Fujita, Y. Environmental Science and Technology 49, 10431-10439.
  3. A review of selective pressurized liquid extraction: Sample preparation techniques for persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants. (2015) Subedi, B., Aguilar, L., Robinson, E.M., Hageman, K.J., Björklund, E., Sheesley, R.J., Usenko, S. Trends in Analytical Chemistry 68, 119-132.
  4. Increased concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in alpine streams during annual snowmelt: Investigating effects of sampling method, site characteristics, and meteorology. (2014) Shaphpoury, P., Hageman, K.J., Matthaei, C.D., Alumbaugh, R.E., Cook, M.E. Environmental Science and Technology 48, 11294-11301.
  5. Partitioning of polybrominated diphenyl ethers to dissolved organic matter isolated from arctic surface waters. (2014) Wei-Hass, M.L., Hageman, K.J., Chin, P.J. Environmental Science and Technology 48, 4852-4859
  6. Testing flow-through air samplers for use in near-field vapour drift studies by measuring pyrimethanil in air after spraying. (2014) Geoghegan, T.S., Hageman, K.J., Hewitt, A.J. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 16, 422-432
  7. Trace elements and metal pollution in aerosols at an alpine site, New Zealand: Sources, concentrations, and implications. (2014) Marx, S.K., Lavin, K.S., Hageman, K.J., Kamber, B.S., O’Loingsigh, T., McTainsh, G. Atmospheric Environment 82, 206-217.
  8. Pressurized liquid extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from silicone rubber passive samplers. (2013) Shahpoury, P., Hageman, K.J. Journal of Chromatography A 1314, 1-6
  9. Chlorinated pesticides in stream sediments from organic, integrated and conventional farms. (2013) Shahpoury, P., Hageman, K.J., Matthaei, C.D., Magbanua, F.S. Environmental Pollution 181, 219-225
  10. Understanding the combined influence of fine sediment and glyphosate herbicide on stream periphyton communities. (2013) Magbanua, F.S., Townsend, C.R., Hageman, K.J., Lange, K., Lear, G., Lewis, G.D., Matthaei, C.D.  Water Research 47, 5110-5120
  11. Individual and combined effects of fine sediment and the herbicide glyphosate on benthic macroinvertebrates and stream ecosystem function. (2013) Magbanua, F.S., Townsend, C.R., Hageman, K.J., Matthaei, C.D. Freshwater Biology 58, 1729-1744
  12. The role of the global cryosphere in the fate of organic contaminants.  Grannas, A.M., Bogdal, C., Hageman, K.J., Halsall, C., Harner, T., Hung, H., Kallenborn, R., Klán P., Klánová, J., Macdonald, R.W., Meyer, T., Wania, F. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13, 3271-3305.
  13. Contributions of long-range and regional atmospheric transport on pesticide concentrations along a transect crossing a mountain divide. (2013) Lavin, K.S., Hageman, K.J. Environmental Science and Technology 47, 1390-1398
  14. An improved screening tool for predicting volatilization of pesticides applied to soils. (2013) Davie-Martin, C.L., Hageman, K.J., Yu-Ping, C. Environmental Science and Technology 47, 868-876. 
  15. Changes in physiological responses of an Antarctic fish, the emerald rock cod (Trematomus bernacchii), following exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). (2013) Ghosh, R., Lokman, P.M., Lamare, M.D., Metcalf, V.J., Burritt, D.J., Davison, W.D., Hageman, K.J. Aquatic Toxicology 128-129, 91-100
  16. Selective pressurized liquid extraction of halogenated pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls form pine needles. Lavin, K.S., Hageman, K.J. Journal of Chromatography A 1258, 30-36
  17. Using trace elements in particulate matter to identify the sources of semi-volatile organic contaminants in air at an alpine site. (2012) Lavin, K.S., Hageman, K.J., Marx, S., Dillingham, P., Kamber, B. Environmental Science and Technology 46, 268-276
  18. Comparison of Lichen, Conifer Needles, Passive Air Sampling Devices, and Snowpack as Passive Sampling Media to Measure Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Remote Atmospheres. (2011) Schrlau, J., Geiser, L., Hageman, K.J., Landers, D., Simonich, S.L.M.  Environmental Science and Technology 45, 10354-10361
  19. Selective pressurized liquid extraction of three classes of halogenated contaminants in fish. (2011) Ghosh, R., Hageman, K.J., Björklund, E. Journal of Chromatography A. 1218, 7242-7247. 
  20. Sources and fate of chiral organochlorine pesticides in western U.S. national park ecosystems (2011) Genualdi, S.A., Hageman, K.H., Ackerman, L.K., Usenko, S., Simonich, S.L.M. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30, 1533-1538
  21. Distribution of trace metals in a ling (Genypterus blacodes) fish fillet (2011) Ashoka, B.M. Peake, Bremner, G., Hageman, K.J. Food Chemistry 125, 402-409
  22. Variability in pesticide deposition and source contributions to snowpack in western US national park (2010) Hageman, K.J., Hafner, W., Campbell, D., Jaffe, D., Landers, D., Simonich, S. Environmental Science and Technology 44, 4452-4458.
  23. Sources and deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to western US national parks (2010) Usenko, S., Simonich, S., Hageman, K.J., Schrlau, J., Geiser, L., Campbell, D., Appleby, P., Landers, D.  Environmental Science and Technology 44, 4512-4518.
  24. The western airborne contaminant assessment project (WACAP): An interdisciplinary evaluation of the impacts of airborne contaminants in western US national parks (2010)  Landers, D.H., Simonich, S.M., Geiser, L., Campbell, D.H., Schwindt, A., Schreck, C., Kent, M., Hafner, W., Taylor, H.E., Hageman, K.J., Usenko, S., Ackerman, L., Schrlau, J., Rose, N., Blett, T., Erway, M.M.E, Environmental Science and Technology 44, 855-859.
  25. Comparison of digestion methods for ICP-MS determination of trace elements in fish tissues.  (2009)  Ashoka, S., Peake, B.M., Bremner, G., Hageman K.J., Reid, M. R.  Analytica Chemica Acta, 653, 191-199.
  26. Atmospheric deposition of current-use and historic-use pesticides in snow at national parks in the western United States. (2006) Hageman, K.J., Simonich, S.L., Campbell, D.H., Wilson, G.R., Landers, D.H.  Environmental Science and Technology, 40, 3174-3180.
  27. Trace analysis of semi-volatile organic compounds in snow, lake water, and groundwater. (2005) Usenko, S., Hageman, K.J., Schmedding, D.W., Wilson, G.R., Simonich, S.L.  Environmental Science and Technology, 39, 6006-6015.
  28. Quantifying the effects of fumarate on in situ reductive dechlorination rates. (2004) Hageman, K.J., Field, J.A., Istok, J.D., Semprini, L.  Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 75, 281-296.
  29. “Forced mass balance” technique for estimating in situ transformation rates of sorbing solutes in groundwater. (2003) Hageman, K.J., Istok, J.D., Schroth, M.H., Field, J.A.  Environmental Science and Technology, 37, 3920-3925.
  30. In situ anaerobic transformation of trichlorofluoroethene in trichloroethene-contaminated groundwater. (2001) Hageman, K.J., Istok, J.D., Field, J.A., Buscheck, T.E., Semprini, L. Environmental Science and Technology, 35, 1729-1735.
  31. Simple method for estimating polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations on soils and sediments using subcritical water extraction coupled with solid-phase microextraction. (1998) Hawthorne, S.B., Grabanski, C.B., Hageman, K.J., And Miller, D.J. Journal of Chromatography, 814, 151-161.
  32. Solid-phase microextraction of PAHs from aqueous samples using fibers coated with HPLC chemically-bonded silica stationary phases. (1997) Liu, Y., Lee, M.L., Hageman, K.J., Yang, Y., Hawthorne, S.B. Analytical Chemistry, 69, 5001-5006.
  33. Coupled subcritical water extraction with solid-phase microextraction for determining semivolatile organics in environmental solids. (1996) Hageman, K.J., Mazeas, L., Grabanski, C.B., Miller, D.J., Hawthorne, S.B.  Analytical Chemistry, 68, 3892-3899.

Book chapter

Long-range and regional atmospheric transport of persistent organic pollutants and implications for global cycling. (2015) Hageman, K.J., Bogdal, C., Scheringer, M. In Zeng, E. (Ed.), Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs): Analytical Techniques, Environmental Fate and Biological Effects (Chapter 11, pp. 363-387).  Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier

Peer-reviewed government report

The fate, transport, and ecological impacts of airborne contaminants in western national parks (USA).  Landers, D.H., Simonich, S., Jaffe, D., Geiser, L., Campbell, D.H., Schwindt, A., Schreck, C., Kent, M., Hafner, W., Taylor, H.E., Hageman, K.J., Usenko, S., Ackerman, L., Schrlau, J., Rose, N., Blett, T., Erway, M.M.  US Environmental Protection Agency Report: EPA/600/R-07/138.  (2008).
**This 300-page report underwent peer-review by five experts in the field.  Its release was covered by more than 200 media outlets around the world.

Non-reviewed Journal article and report

  1. The origins of contaminants in Antarctica (2009) Howe, J., Hageman , K.J. Chemistry in New Zealand, April issue, 54-57.
  2. 2010 Assessment of Long-Range Transport of Pollution (Contributing Author), Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (organized jointly by EU and US EPA).