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Professor Nigel B. Perry

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Professor Nigel B. Perry
Natural products chemistry - Research Leader
Tel: (03) 479 8354
Location: Science II, 4s6

Natural products chemistry is about the compounds that give colour and flavour to our foods, scent to flowers, and inspiration for many of our life-saving drugs. My research areas are:

My group is part of Plant & Food Research, a Crown Research Institute, with collaborators in other University of Otago departments including Botany, Food Science and Microbiology, and links to other universities, industry and government researchers around New Zealand and abroad. We collaborate with Ngai Tahu and other iwi on developing new products from NZ native plants.

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Selected Recent Papers

Richardson ATB, Lord JM, Perry NB 2017. Phenylanthraquinones and flavone-C-glucosides from the disjunct Bulbinella in New Zealand. Phytochemistry 134: 64-70.

Killeen DP, Watkins OC, Sansom CE, Andersen DH, Gordon KC, Perry NB 2017. Fast Sampling, Analyses and Chemometrics for Plant Breeding: Bitter Acids, Xanthohumol and Terpenes in Lupulin Glands of Hops (Humulus lupulus). Phytochem. Analysis 28: 50-57.

Nhu D, Larsen L, Perry NB, Larsen DS, Hawkins BC 2016. Sweet poisons: synthetic strategies towards tutin glycosides. Aust. J. Chem.

Menzies IJ, Youard LW, Lord JM, Carpenter KL, van Klink JW, Perry NB, Schaefer HM, Gould KS 2016. Leaf colour polymorphisms: a balance between plant defence and photosynthesis. J. Ecology 104: 104-113.

Killeen DP, Larsen L, Dayan FE, Gordon KC, Perry NB, van Klink JW 2016. Nortriketones: Antimicrobial trimethylated acylphloroglucinols from mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium). J. Nat. Prod. 79(3): 564–569.

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