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Dr Kim I. Currie

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Dr Kim I. Currie
Marine chemistry of carbon dioxide
Tel: (03) 479 5249
Location: Science II, 1n8d

Main Research Interests

Carbon dioxide chemistry of seawater In situ measurement of seawater pCO2

Current Research Projects

High-precision in situ pCO2 determination in surface seawater, and general carbon dioxide chemistry of seawater in the NZ region. 2 years from July 1, 2000: Kim Currie, Keith Hunter and Burns Macaskill (NIWA).This project is part of a joint University of Otago-NIWA programme. Our role is to characterise, through pCO2 measurements, the CO2 chemistry of the New Zealand oceanic region, and develop a better predictive capability for the role of this oceanic region as a sink for fossil fuel CO2

Recent Publications

Tapp, M, Hunter, K.A., Currie, K. and Mackaskill, J.B. (2000). Continuous-flow underway measurement of pH in frontal regions. Marine Chemistry (in press).

Currie, K. and Hunter, K., (1999). Seasonal variation of surface water CO2 partial pressure in the Southland Current, east of New Zealand. Marine and Freshwater Research 50: 375-382.

Currie, K.I. and Hunter, K.A. (1998). Surface water carbon dioxide in the waters associated with the Subtropical Convergence, east of New Zealand. Deep-sea Research 45: 1765-1777.