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Professor Cliff Law

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Professor Cliff Law
Marine biogeochemistry
Tel: (03) 479 5249
Location: Science II, 1n8d

Main research interests

Current research projects

Ocean acidification in NZ coastal waters – leading the 4-year CARIM (Coastal Acidification: Rate, Impacts and Management) project funded by MBIE, with a particular focus on impacts on plankton ecosystems.

Marine methane sources and sinks – focussing on coastal, vent and seep sources around New Zealand

Surface ocean influences on marine aerosols – lead the SOAP (Surface Ocean Aerosol Production) voyage leader

Projecting future open-ocean ecosystems – leading the Oceans case study in the MBIE-funded Climate Change: Impacts and Implications project

New nitrogen sources – characterising nitrogen fixation and fluxes on the north-east shelf of NZ

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