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Dr Carla J. Meledandri

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Dr Carla J. Meledandri
Nanoscale materials
Tel: (03) 479 5378
Location: Science II, 5n2

Our research is directed toward the design, synthesis, and characterization of functional nanoscale materials. The interest in nanoscale materials lies in the fact that their size, shape, and composition can dramatically affect their physical and chemical properties. This phenomenon can be exploited in order to develop new materials with tunable properties for a broad range of applications. Our interests encompass both fundamental and applied aspects of nanomaterials research. Current projects are interdisciplinary, combining chemistry, materials science, physics, and biological sciences in order to develop new materials with potential application in biomedicine and for use as nanoswitches.

CJM Research group 2013
Back row, left to right: Dr. Humphrey Feltham, Hamish Cartwright, Joe Hughes, Kiattipoom Rodpun
Front row, left to right: Gemma Cotton, Dr. Carla Meledandri, Dagmara Jaskólska, Christophe Dumas

Research Activities

Our group is currently working in the following areas:

Application of antibacterial silver nanocomposite materials for treatment and prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease (Gemma Cotton, Hamish Cartwright and Joe Hughes)

This work is in close collaboration with Dr. Don Schwass, Department of Oral Rehabilitation, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, and we are grateful for financial support for this project from an Otago Innovation Proof of Concept Grant, Partnering for Innovation, a University of Otago Strategic Research Grant and a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship (Gemma Cotton).

Functionalization of metal nanoparticle surfaces with magnetically interesting complexes for device applications (Humphrey Feltham)

This work is in close collaboration with Prof. Sally Brooker, Department of Chemistry, University of Otago, and we are appreciative of the support provided by the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

Toward new functional magnetic materials for biomedicine: Synthesis of shape-controlled magnetic nanoparticles and investigation of their magnetic resonance properties in suspension (Dagmara Jaskólska)

This work is generously funded by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fast-Start Grant, and we are collaborating with Dr. Dermot Brougham, School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Multi-functional nanomaterials for bioanalysis and targeted drug delivery (Christophe Dumas)

Diffusion-ordered spectroscopy of reverse micelle systems: implications for microemulsion-based nanoparticle synthesis (Christophe Dumas)

Christophe is supported by a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship

Controlling nanoparticle properties through metal complexation of surface-bound multidentate amine ligands (Kiattipoom Rodpun)

Synthesis of nanocrystal CuII and ZnII coordination polymers using microemulsion methods (Kiattipoom Rodpun, also in collaboration with Dr. Nigel Lucas and Dr. Eng Tan)

Kiattipoom is supported by a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship

Teaching Activities

I currently teach within the following papers:

Selected Publications

Schwass, D.R., Meledandri, C.J. Enhanced penetration of silver nanocomposite assemblies into dentine using iontophoresis: Toward the treatment of dental caries. ChemPlusChem, 2014, in press DOI: 10.1002/cplu.201402132 (published online: 19 Aug 2014).

Fraenza, C.C., Meledandri, C.J., Anoardo, E., Brougham, D.F. The effect of cholesterol on membrane dynamics on different timescales in lipid bilayers from fast field-cycling NMR relaxometry studies of unilamellar vesicles. ChemPhysChem, 15, 2014, 425-435.

Garden, A.L., Scholz, K., Schwass, D.R., Meledandri, C.J. Optimized colloidal chemistry for micelle-templated synthesis and assembly of silver nanocomposite materials. Colloid Surface A, 441, 2014, 367-377.

Garden, A.L., van der Salm, L., Schwass, D.R., Meledandri, C.J. Towards a tunable microemulsion method for nanoparticle synthesis. RSC Adv., 3, 2013, 2192-2196.

Meledandri, C.J., Brougham, D.F. Low-field magnetic resonance techniques in the development of nanomaterials for biomedical applications. Anal. Methods, 4, 2012, 331-341.

Meledandri, C.J., Stolarczyk, J.K., Brougham, D.F. Hierarchical gold-decorated magnetic nanoparticle clusters with controlled size. ACS Nano, 5, 2011, 1747-1755.

Davies, G-L., Corr, S.A., Meledandri, C.J., Briode, L., Brougham, D.F., Gun’ko, Y.K. NMR relaxation of water in nanostructures: analysis of ferromagnetic cobalt-ferrite polyelectrolyte nanocomposites. ChemPhysChem, 12, 2011, 772-776.

Perlo, J., Meledandri, C., Anoardo, E., Brougham, D. Temperature and size-dependence of membrane molecular dynamics in unilamellar vesicles by fast field-cycling NMR relaxometry.J. Phys. Chem. B, 115 2011, 3444-3451.

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Corr, S.A., Gun’ko, Y.K., Tekoriute, R., Meledandri, C.J., Brougham, D.F. Poly(sodium-4-styrene)sulfonate – iron-oxide nanocomposite dispersions with controlled magnetic resonance properties. J. Phys. Chem. C, 112, 2008, 13324-13327.

Corr, S.A., Byrne, S.J., Tekoriute, R., Meledandri, C.J., Brougham, D.F., Lynch, M., Kerskens, C., O’Dwyer, L., Gun’ko, Y.K. Linear assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130, 2008, 4214-4215.

Rentas, F.J., MacDonald, V.W., Rothwell, S.W., McFaul, S.J., Asher, L.V., Kennedy, A.M., Hmel, P.J., Meledandri, C.J., Salata, J.M., Harman, R.W., Reid, T.J. White particulate matter found in blood collection bags consist of platelets and leukocytes. Transfusion, 44, 2004, 959-966.

PhD Projects Available

Please contact me if you are interested in conducting PhD research in this area; scholarships may be available for suitably qualified candidates.